We are mindful of the effect all our services, projects and products have on the ecology.

We balance our clients needs, wishes and resources with the ecology.

Comprehensive Process:

With truly integrated services we can streamline the process and reduce numerous redundancies.


We aid buyers in finding a property that is suited with their goals and minimizes efforts to reinvent and maximizes what a site has to offer.

When listing properties, we minimize the use of disposable marketing materials used while ensuring proper exposure for each client. We discourage quick flip updates that generally will be replaced in the near future. 


Placement of a project and ensuring proper response to the environment is critical. We balance maximizing views with natural forces.

We work with the natural topography and use native or adaptive vegetation.    

Architecture + Interiors: 

We blend space planning, materials , systems and interiors to design a long lasting legacy project. Our projects aim to serve the health of the occupants along with nature. 


The amount of correspondences and delays are reduced within a true design-build project delivery method.


We proudly limit our showroom to select pieces from eco-friendly companies and artists.

Art and furniture by Robb Olson has always been about elevating scrap material.

Our bespoke furniture/art services encourage clients to be a part of the process by supplying materials as well as life stories. 

Made in the USA:

In addition to promoting eco products we promote the use of Made in the USA materials, services and pieces in our showroom.

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Small stone scraps from another project found their way to a floor vs. a landfill

LED lighting throughout the project

Countertops made from green material

Engineered screen printed beach flooring.

We had wedding aisle and alter flooring made locally from scrap finish material and then later used as flooring in a small cottage on Tahoe west shore. We made sure we had enough material made for both uses along with doing the screen printing in house.


Flooring and art from scrap material. Made locally less than 40 miles away.

No-VOC paint.

Long lasting materials.

Multi-zoned radiant heat flooring paired with high effeicancy boilers.


The client of this home wanted an Old Tahoe home full of texture and detail but wanted to minimize impact to the environment.

We prepared shop drawings for most of the many log components which helped the builder reduce construction schedule and onsite crew impacts. Each element was drawn up, numbered and milled off site in a productive work environment which was close to the project. Elements came to the site pre-finished and ready to field fit by a smaller onsite crew.


Fireplace mantel made from a reclaimed barn beam and stone from a local parking lot excavation.

Sofa table made from scrap wood and stone. Fabricated locally within 40 miles from the project.

Vintage lamps, furniture and accessories are always an eco-aware way to warm up a space.

Solar panels for hot water and electricity don't always work for projects in Tahoe. This project worked well and helps augment the utility bills.