DAVID CHAVEZ    Project Coordinator

David Chavez, Project Coordinator

David’s passion for creating and building began when he was a child building models and projects that his father, an aerospace engineer, would bring home to him. David’s patience and attention to detail developed during those years to serve him later when he chose architecture as a way to foster his love for beautiful environments. Upon moving to Arizona at a young age, he grew a deep appreciation for the regions varied landscapes. The inherent raw beauty of the southwest intrigued David as he and his family would explore, hiking and camping along rivers, canyons, flatland, and mountains. Soon David began his journey of using the poetics of the natural environment to spawn his creativity in choreographing architectural space and form. He received a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture from Arizona State University. Later attended the Biotecture Academy, Taos, New Mexico. Upon moving to the Sierra region of northern Nevada, David continued to explore the inspiration of nature in his projects. Whether at work or play there is no division of experiencing life through the framework of spending time in wonderful environments.

Hobbies: Supporting his two daughters in their interests, he enjoys nearly any event that brings him to nature including hiking, biking, running, camping, and kayaking.